Wake Up Sleepy Duck

Quack, Quack, Quack, Get your life on track!

Permalink After an afternoon of eating noodles and listening to M. Ward ‘Chinese Translation’ on repeat, we decided to climb Wutong Mountain.
Finally, after hours of mental preparation, we locked the door to his little apartment under the mountain, stretched our arms and looked up.
My head was dizzy from lack of sleep. Syd pulled out a cigarette and we walked to the first steps. 
I’d say it was about 20 steps up when we both started to regret our adventure that day. 
A combination of exhausted laughter and insults kept us going.
We were on an emotional journey from joy and glee skipping up, to anger and frustration realizing how far we hadn’t climbed.
Two girls giggled and turned back snapping our picture every ten minutes or so.
Usually, I would pose and smile for such an occasion, but my sweaty and discouraged face was not having it.
Syd would shoot them the look (like “seriously?”). He was always good for that.
Finally, we found a little stoop beside a stinky garbage bin. We looked at each other, looked back at the stinky stoop and knew—this is where we are going to sit and enjoy the view.
After sitting for 5 minutes, Syd was less irritable and we started to take pictures, joke, and imagine what the view must look like from the top of this never-ending mountain.
This picture was taken on that very stoop, where our last ounce of energy was exerted and any joy was used up. 
Ten more minutes up that dang mountain and we were both OUT. Syd wanted a cigarette and I wanted a tall glass of water. I felt dizzy. He pushed me up for two minutes, switch-I pushed him. We reminisced about the couch and the song that we had heard that morning. We could not stop talking about what we were going to have for dinner. These thoughts took over.
We hadn’t quite given up yet. Through the trees we could see the entire city. It was magical. Imagine what the top would be like. We climbed.
Syd tapped a descending man on the shoulder and asked how far we had made it. Both of our faces lit up to hear his answer. 
We had only made it ONE FOURTH of the way. Without words, we turned to each other, smiled and looked at the view one last time.
That was the day we climbed Wutong Mountain. 
Hot pot for dinner. Happy Ending.
Permalink I had a dream that I was pulling out my eyelashes one by one. Every time one would come out blood would gush from my eyes. After they were all out and my eyes were good and bloody I ran around in a panic asking everyone “Will they grow back? Tell me they will grow back!”
To dream that your eyelashes are growing means good health and fortune will be with you. If you dream of trimming or pulling out your eyelashes, you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel vulnerable or at the mercy of somebody. Another possible meaning is that you are reshaping yourself and eliminating unwanted thoughts and habits.)
Permalink Oops, my hair is yellow.
I tripped over a long time of worry and landed in relief.
Oops, I’m not doing what I meant to.
I stumbled along sleepless nights and stood up straight into some peace of mind.
Oops, I left my life behind me.
I fell into a mundane routine and got right back up with a risk in my hand.
Oops, I found a new life.
I climbed out of a funk and stretched up into a dance party of motivation.
Oops, I’m happy.
Permalink China. O.M.Goodness. 
Best food I’ve ever had.
Minus my mother’s cooking (obviously).
Permalink Last minute decisions. Crazy ideas. Guessing. Smiling. Crying. Last minute goodbyes. Sad moments. Hugging. Waving. Laughing. Sighing. 
Planning tomorrow. Thinking about next month. Sleeping. Coughing. Sneezing. Sick.
Holding someone’s hand. From close to far. Here to then. Hello to goodbye to hello again.
Stretching. Dreaming. Hoping. Tripping. Will I follow? Will it end?
So never goodbye. Good morning, good day. Holding hands to holding memories. Hugging close to nestled thoughts. 
China. Here I come.